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The Persona Project

As you may know, the Persona series has a ton of personas to choose from. My goal? Give descriptions to each and every one of them! They're all pretty much from some kind of mythology, so they all have their own stories. I think it sounds pretty interesting, so if you do too why don't you join me?~

I hope to update daily but everyone gets busy. Hopefully I'll figure out the queue if this happens!

Current Arcana: Magician.


I didn’t forget about this blog, I promise! I’ve just been super super busy, sadly. Had a super fantastic winter break but now I’m back in school and crammed with a bunch of not fantastic work. But anyway, here’s a long overdue analysis for you!

Level: 76

Arcana: Fool

Susano-o is the ultimate Persona of the Fool Arcana. If any of you have played Okami (a freaking amazing game, if I might say so myself), then you might have recognized this guy since it also features the Shinto god of sea and storms.

Susano-o is the brother of Amaterasu. (Yukiko Amagi’s Ultimate Persona in Persona 4!) He was born from Izanagi (Yu/Souji’s Persona in Persona 4!) when he was “washing his face clean of the pollutants of Yomi”, according to Wikipedia.

So, this guy is kind of like Loki in that he IS a god, but he’s done some not-so-nice things and ended up getting kicked out of Heaven. According to a myth, he and his sister Amaterasu participated in a challenge. Each had to take an item of the others’ and use it to create gods and goddesses. Simple enough, right? Well, Amaterasu created 3 goddesses using Susano’s sword while he created 5 gods using her necklace. How this works, I have no idea but I’ve learned it’s best to never question mythology.

Anyway, Susano-o decided that he won because his item produced women. Not because he had made more gods/goddesses, but because he produced women? I don’t know. I may have this wrong so please correct me if I do!

Amaterasu was fine with her loss, and didn’t mind it. But Susano-o decided to go on a rampage and destroy his sister’s rice plains. How rude. Not only that, but he also killed one of her attendants. This greatly upset the sun goddess, so she hid in a cave known as Ama-no-Iwato and caused the hiding of the sun for an extended amount of time. Nice going, fool.

Obviously, this guy is kind of a jerk. His fool rank in the Persona world was probably earned for his going-against-the-gods-and-totally-being-a-bitch-to-amaterasu. What do you guys think?

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