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The Persona Project

As you may know, the Persona series has a ton of personas to choose from. My goal? Give descriptions to each and every one of them! They're all pretty much from some kind of mythology, so they all have their own stories. I think it sounds pretty interesting, so if you do too why don't you join me?~

I hope to update daily but everyone gets busy. Hopefully I'll figure out the queue if this happens!

Current Arcana: Magician.


Arcana: Fool

Level: 55

Well, this is long overdue! I apologize for the lack of updates. Finals are coming up and school has just been very, very busy. Hopefully you’re all kicking finals’ butts, too! ^^

And now, for Loki. I was pretty excited to do this one, mainly because he’s a well-known figure not just in the Persona-world, but in general.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the Tom Hiddleston version of Loki from Marvel’s Thor & The Avengers.

Loki is actually from Norse mythology, and is known as a trickster god (Similar to Susano-o, which is why they’re able to perform the Fusion Spell “Trickster” in Persona 3: FES).

Loki is also a shapeshifter, having been known to shapeshift into a salmon, mare, seal, fly, and even an elderly woman(wat). He had positive relations with the other gods at first, but these ended when he decided to partake in the death of Baldr, another god. (Thanks to Wikipedia for the info)

So, Loki wasn’t a demon, but he wasn’t a very good god either right? He was a trickster, giving him a spot in Fool Arcana of Persona 3.

As always, your feedback & comments/corrections are welcome!

I suppose I shouldn’t tag Loki in this post, as to not confuse the fangirls of Tom Hiddleston’s version, eh?

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